Pat Webb

Passionate and collaborative game developer inspired by interactive storytelling.

About Me

I am a passionate and collaborative game developer inspired by interactive storytelling. I love engaging with and supporting the industry both professionally and from the community.From early nights spent hiding my gameboy under the covers trying to be the very best Pokemon trainer on a weeknight to recently loudly cheering after finally finishing Returnal, I've always been drawn into interactive, immersive worlds over any other medium.

Since finding my place in the industry I've come to distill that passion into working with teams to create experiences that give players the feeling of excitement and reward that make games so special to me.

Melonhead Games

Producer, Business Development, Co-Founder
Game and Freelance Development Studio

Melonhead Games grew from a group of university students wanting to make games for a living into a small team of focused professionals operating commercially in both game development and visualisation contact work.

Gaining enough support to allow full-time independent development provided unforgettable experiences and a unique perspective on working in the industry.Now with the release of Rooftop Renegade, the team is wrapping up Melonhead Games to pursue new goals.

Rooftop Renegade

Producer & Game Designer
Premium PC & Console Title

Starting out as a local multiplayer party game, Rooftop Renegade quickly pivoted to a speedrunning platformer after successful live competition events. Even so, its local multiplayer roots remain intact through varied game modes.

Since then the game has been financed by Epic Games, the SAFC and sleighed for release on major consoles.After multiple Steam festivals and now in the console certification stage, Rooftop Renegade is almost ready to get into the hands of gamers everywhere.

Unwind Meetup

Creator and Co-Organiser
Networking Non-Profit

Unwind was established with a clear goal of providing an event that could bring professionals, hobbyists and students together to celebrate the industry.The event is positioned to put SA game creators in the spotlight, demonstrating the supportive, professional and friendly nature of local developers.

Since establishment, support has been drawn from local studios, the Department for Trade & Investment, and the Adelaide Economic Development Agency.

Let's chat!

Check out my game projects or reach out using any of the links below to find out more and request a resume.


Rooftop Renegade

Blaze through the future in fast-paced platformer Rooftop Renegade. Speedrun challenging levels while ducking and weaving past unpredictable hazards.

Rooftop Renegade
Flagship Title

  • Platforms: Steam, Xbox One, Switch, PS4

  • Release date: TBC pending certification

  • Team size: 4 core, 3 contractors

  • Genre: Platformer, Racing, Speedrunner

  • Project Length: 4 years

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

My Roles

  • Sole Producer & Team lead

  • Sole Game Designer including Concept/GDD, Gameplay, Level, Content, Technical and Progression

  • Contractor, Grant and Platform relations


  • Fast and responsive movement

  • Clear gameplay feedback sound, sight and feel

  • Music design integrated into gameplay mechanics

  • Multiple varied game modes and replay value

  • Complex reactive level pathing

  • Consistent pacing and progression

  • Consistent world & character design


  • Epic Megagrant Recipient

  • SAFC Games Innovation Fund Recipient

  • GDEX Nominee Sound Design

  • PAX Rising 2019 Indie Pod


Stealing from the Royal Mages? What could go wrong! Avoid deadly fire from magical towers by stopping and rewinding time using the power of your newly “acquired” magician’s cloak. Use its power to escape the castle no matter how many times they throw you in the dungeon!

Global Game Jam 2022

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

  • Team size: 5 jammers

  • Genre: Puzzle, Action

  • Project Length: 48 hours

  • Engine: Unity

My Roles

  • Game Designer

  • Level Designer


  • Time moves only when you do, control the pace of gameplay

  • Toggle forwards or backwards time flow

  • Classic retro aesthetics

  • Bullet hell strategic puzzles

Welcome to Flinders

Welcome to Flinders! Before starting your Journey, take a moment to enter a state of the art simulation of our fine university. Find each guide, using their wisdom to unlock the door to your next adventure.

Welcome to Flinders
Contract Work 2021

  • Platforms: HTML 5 (Website)

  • Team size: 3 core, 1 contractors

  • Genre: Platformer, Education

  • Project Length: 1 month

  • Engine: Unity

My Roles

  • Sole Producer & Team lead

  • Sole Game Designer including Concept/GDD, Gameplay and Level

  • Client relations


  • Flexible character creation "be yourself"

  • Clear implementation of university information points

  • Pixel art based on Flinders Bedford Park Campus

  • Level progression from first year to graduation

The Little Seeker

The Little Seeker is on a mission; find a new place for their people to live - before they run out of space. Help them navigate New Adelaide, a once-bustling metropolis that is a little bit spooky... Reignite the city and discover why it was abandoned in a the first place.

The Little Seeker
Epic Megajam 2021

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac

  • Team size: 5 jammers

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer

  • Project Length: 1 week

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5

My Roles

  • Team lead

  • Gameplay and Level design

  • Sole programmer


  • Simple yet engaging gameplay

  • Progressive puzzles and abilities with each addition building on the last

  • Atmospheric world and sound design

Office Brawl

In the modern office world of temperature arguments, reheated tuna aroma and music disagreements, there's only one mature way to deal with disputes...

Office Brawl
AGD Arcade Jam 2021

  • Platforms: Windows

  • Team size: 5 jammers

  • Genre: Fighting, Arcade

  • Project Length: 1 week

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

My Roles

  • Team lead

  • Concept, Gameplay and Aesthetic design

  • Programmer


  • Authentic ps1 visual and audio aesthetic recreation

  • Fast & responsive brawler gameplay

  • Location and characters based on ACOLAB office & tennants

  • Simple yet clear UI navigation

  • Randomised framerate lock simulating struggling hardware

Other Projects

I'm often exploring new concepts and keep a record of all contract work, prototypes and game jams. I'd love to show and discuss unreleased projects with you or send through my resume.